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Cementing manifold
Cementing line

1.Product Overview
⑴.Cementing manifold can control the transportation of cement extracted by cementing pump to well mouth and complete the cementing;
⑵.High pressure fluid processing technology introduced by USA SPM, FMC is applied;
⑶.Use performance and joint size of cementing line completely conform to USA SPM, FMC Company;
⑷.The cementing line manufactured by our company completely conforms to API 6A and NACE MR0175 Standards;
⑸.Cementing line can be specially made according to users’ needs.

2.Design Features
The breakaway torque of cementing manifold is small, so it is flexible under normal and low temperature environments.

3.Common Buckle Models for Cementing manifolds

Specification GG-21 GG-35 GG-70 GG-105
working press Mpa(psi) 21Mpa(3000psi) 35Mpa(5000psi) 70Mpa(10000psi) 105Mpa(15000psi)
Nominal diameter 2in~3in
Working temperature -29~121℃
Product specification level PSL2~PSL4
Material grade (valve, joint) DD-EE
Working medium mud, clean water

Cementing manifolds
钻井、修 井设备规范 钻井、修 井设备规范
钻井、修 井设备规范   钻井、修 井设备规范
钻井、修 井设备规范  钻井、修 井设备规范
钻井、修 井设备规范  钻井、修 井设备规范
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